Best Destinations of India to Celebrate Christmas 30/11/2018

The year is now coming to a close and what better way to bring in 2018 than with an exciting vacation with your near and dear ones! To escape the bitter winds of December, so now it’s the time to head to the nearest beach spots for a truly delightful time which is now going to spent under the sun. Enjoy a chilled pina colada, simply just sit back, and relax as the soothing waters of the ocean tickle your toes.

Winters usually mean holiday season which is now owing to Christmas and New Year’s Eve and a time for music festivals, parties, endless buffets of food, and traditional practices that you can experience first-hand. In different parts of India, much more especially towards the South, December is a pleasant month to say the least. It is neither sticky nor stuffy, but instead, refreshing and rejuvenating.   

There are lots of places which you can visit to celebrate Christmas in India. Moreover, we made it easier for you, so here is the entire list of a few spots that we think you will definitely enjoy, as they are well-known for their year-end celebrations and Christmas festivities!

1) Goa

One of the top tourist spots for Indians, much more especially at the time of December, Goa is world-renowned for its year-end parties, celebrations that continue well into the night. Drink and make merry with your loved one as you dance the night away to EDM and chart-toppers. And if you are even much more inclined to spend your New Year’s Eve in a quieter setting, then simply just take a stroll along the beach for a serene and meditative experience. And now simply participate in the tradition of ‘burning the old man’ – effigies of old men made of hay and discarded clothes – signaling the end of the year.

2)  Puducherry

Puducherry which was previously known by the name as Pondicherry, this French colony is known for its centuries-old cafes, beaches and vintage stores. Puducherry is the best French Indian town with influences from both cultures across the globe. A visit to this place is incomplete without seeing a day at Auroville, deemed a universal city and a world of its own. There is Serenity beach, Matrimandir, botanical gardens, and some other great attractions for you to explore!

At the time of Christmas eve, the perpendicular streets of Puducherry are lit up owing to local churches decorated in all their splendor. Travelers would find it so much exciting to visit Midnight Mass, as it is celebrated with aplomb and affection portraying the deep-rooted reverence of the locals.

3)  Tharangambadi a.k.a Tranquebar

With the shaving of rich Danish heritage intertwined with the town’s legacy, Tharangambadi or ‘Land of the Singing Waves’, is a fishing village in Tamil Nadu, where the Danish fort set against the ‘singing waves’ of the sea inspires enchantment and awe. A small population of men and women work to make this village popular amongst travelers which is looking for a laid-back and restful vacation spot.

To explore, tourists can simply head to the local temple, churches, and colonial buildings that have been restored since the settlement of Danish movement. The Dansborg Fort, an important landmark, is now a museum which is as of now holding valuable pieces reflecting the village’s history and tryst with Danish settlers.

4) Backwaters of Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala, which is well loved and popular among the travelers around India, are an extensive network of lagoons, lakes, rivers, and canals, that support varied marine life and even a fully-functioning irrigation system. Boating on this splendidly, well-oiled labyrinthine path requires a houseboat or kettuvallams and some other guidance, the result of which is memories which is going to be of worth millions!

The backwaters connect several towns boasting Christmas stars on houses and shops that can be traversed with the help of ferries or houseboats, in order to cover the length of the waters. The landscape which is merely known as the ‘Venice of India’ will leave you breathless, as verdant foliage clashes with the blue sea.

5) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman Islands is home to several islands which is going to be served as seats for British officials at the time of colonial rule. Havelock island is sight rich with birdlife, coral reefs, and famous diving spots. Another must-visit sight is the Cellular Jail Memorial, in Port Blair, where a light and sound show relates the colonial history which gone between the British officers and Indian prisoners, depicting their hard time, struggles, and fight for freedom.

Mesmerizing the blue waters, white-gold sand and clear, along with a history which travels two hundred years back in time, and simply makes the archipelago another frequently-visited spot amongst tourists!